Why Outdoor Activities are Important ?


We may have a stay at home order, but that doesn’t mean we need to stay inside. The weather is getting nice, and there are many health benefits to exercising outdoors. Remember, even when outdoors, to practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from others. 

Outdoor play and games are commonly considered the building blocks of social and physical development for children. But games and leisure sports have benefits for adults too. Recreational activities have proven advantages for those who regularly participate versus those who do not. Besides experiencing fresh air and essential Vitamin D, outdoor activities have physical, mental, and social benefits for all ages.

5 Reasons Why Outdoor Activities Enrich Our Lives

Outdoor physical activities and regular exercise result in healthier bodies and minds at any age. 

People who exercise regularly have reduced stress. Staying in shape can also help with symptoms of depression. Fresh air and activity outdoors have been proven to reduce anxiety and improve serotonin levels. 

Better social skills

Many might not think about this but the outdoors is a great place to develop one’s social skills. Becoming involved in these different outdoor activities 

Increased work productivity

If you engage yourself in regular outdoor activities, you’re likely to be more relaxed while active at the same time. You’ll react better in stressful situations and also exhibit high productivity. 

Improved self-esteem

One study showed that exercising in nature can improve self-esteem. Additionally, researchers found that the first five minutes of “green exercise” have the greatest impact on both mood and self-esteem. Other studies reported outdoor sports to increase self-efficacy and improve self-concept.