Purifier may help avoid "air conditioning disease"


Summer is here, it is inevitable to turn off the windows and turn on the air conditioner, but some people will suffer from "air conditioning disease" over a long time. Don't blow the air conditioner, the body can't stand the heat; it has been blowing for a long time, and you are afraid that the body will have various discomfort.

It is understood that when the air conditioner is used to use water, water can form gas solids with some granular substances. When the air flow circulation is performed through the air duct, the bacteria and microorganisms carried in are gradually deposited and attached to the relevant components of the air conditioner. In this way, a source of secondary pollution is formed.

Because the windows need to be turned off when turning on the air conditioner, the pollutants can only circulate indoors, and the air quality decreases. If the air purifier is used, the latter can remove fine particles, volatile organic matter and bacteria in the air. Therefore, the air purifier is the best partner of the air conditioner. Facing indoor air pollution, air purifiers are still the best choice for small areas to create clean air.

However, whether it is an air conditioner or an air purifier, it does not have oxygen -making function. It is used in a closed space for a long time, and users may feel hypoxia. Therefore, pay attention to timely ventilation when used for a long time, such as opening the fan.

It should be noted that some air purifiers have negative ions or negative oxygen ions. In fact, the negative oxygen ions produced by it are not real oxygen, and it is easy to be unstable in the process of generating negative oxygen ions due to the production of negative oxygen ions. For ozone, opening the negative oxygen ion function in a short time may play a sterilization effect, but this function should not be opened for a long time.