The air purifier is not just to prevent smog


The time of the air purifier has been out of time, but before 2011, there are only a few consumers in the domestic market, mainly in order to remove decoration pollution; since 2011, with smog, PM2.5 (fine particles) Wide attention, a large number of consumers began using air purifiers.

Since most domestic consumers have added air purifiers to prevent smog, the smog is more in winter, so most consumers are accustomed to opening the air purifier in winter. Relatively speaking, in the summer, even occasionally occasionally, it will not last too many days, and its pollution has no winter is so serious. Therefore, most consumers will not open the air purifier.

The author believes that this may be a large use of the air purifier. Because the air purifier is not just used to counter PM2.5 contamination, it also removes VOC (volatile organic substance, including formaldehyde), to remove a variety of pathogens and allergens.
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