The Service Life of the Air Purifier Filter


Replace the filter material's convenience: It is necessary to understand whether the air purifier is convenient before purchasing, and the general air purifier is only replaced by the initial filter. Other parts generally need to replace or repair the maintenance. This matter must be confirmed before you purchase.

The service life of the air purifier filter: Pay special attention to its service life when purchasing this product, because short filtration materials, the purification effect is limited. For example, some merchants will prepare several films when detecting, detecting PM2.5, using a filter material, when the formaldehyde is detected, change a filter material, and then change a set of films. This shows that its material has a very short service life, the test is finished, and the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it will use this when detecting this is a serious violation of business ethics. The Allerair Air Purifier can be very proud to declare that our filters are not only full-featured, but also a lot of service life than the opponent. All models are detected by the same machine, with the same set of filter materials to detect formaldehyde, benzene, PM2.5 and other items, and do not replace the prototype and do not change the filter.