HEPA (High Efficiency Air Purification)


HEPA (high efficiency air purification): HEPA high density filter material is also one of the most advanced air filter materials in the field of air purification. It is recommended that consumers try to choose this technology when purchasing. It can filter and adsorb well. Contaminants above 0.3 microns, it has strong purification capabilities to smoke, inhaled particulate matter, bacterial virus, and additional catalytic activated carbon has better purification of odor harmful gas. Many manufacturers in the market are mainly used to apply such purification.
UV lamp: UV disinfection is widely used, hospital, school, nursery, cinema, bus, office, family, etc., it can purify air, eliminate a mold, and give a certain amount of negative oxygen ions, via ultraviolet disinfection Room, air is particularly fresh. In public, it is disinfected by ultraviolet lamps to prevent some pathogens via air or from object surface. The life and reliability of ultraviolet bactericidal lamps are high, if the lamp life is short, replacing the tube cost is high, and it is very inconvenient. Of course, some of the domestic manufacturers have small power, short life, and can not play the sterilization effect. Many of the ALLERAIR air purifiers have high-power, long-lived ultraviolet lamps, and users can use the appropriate model according to actual needs.